About Liberty 4 Go

Liberty 4 Go

Liberty 4 Go is a new concept of a holiday organization with over 20 years of experience in offering the best campsites, accommodations and holiday parks in the Netherlands and abroad. In 20 years we have built a customer base of unprecedented size, including a Facebook page of 40,000 followers, thousands of e-mail addresses and a great knowledge of marketing.

With our latest concept we make a distinction in the luxury holiday business. We make holidays on the water accessible to everyone. A floating and sailing holiday home on the water.

We have carefully selected the most beautiful and the most suitable locations to offer our product. We make it possible to enjoy a holiday in a very unique way. In addition, you can also hitch a ride in this concept as an investor or become the owner of one of our houseboats. A return of 6-8% is possible. Owner of a beautiful value-retaining holiday object with a super return. Where else can it be?

We are happy to convince you on one of our ships, and prove what we say. Have we made you curious, send a message to info@liberty4go.com and we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

We wish you a lot of fun to your liberty for go.

Enjoy your stay!

Liberty 4 GO
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