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Destinations that are unique and adventurous for your holiday or day trip? Then consider a stay on a houseboat or go out with one of our sloops! At Liberty4Go you and your family, partner or friends can go to destinations with a comfortable and affordable solution for your next holiday on the water. The exclusive houseboats and sloops are located in Jachthaven de Spaanjerd and are both available for rental. The houseboats are equipped with a luxurious roof terrace with which you can look over the Maas valley. The Liberty4Go 400, which can accommodate 5 (6) people, can be booked in combination with a matching rubber boat, to discover the area while sailing. Book your ultimate holiday destination on the water now, and count down the days. The houseboat can be rented while stationary, but if desired an experienced skipper is available for you.


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Liberty 4 Go is a new concept of a holiday organization with over 20 years of experience in offering the best campsites, accommodations and holiday parks in the Netherlands and abroad. In 20 years we have built up a customer base of unprecedented size, including a Facebook page of 40,000 followers, thousands of e-mail addresses and a great knowledge of marketing.

With our latest concept we distinguish ourselves in the luxury holiday business. We make holidays on the water accessible to everyone. A floating and sailing holiday home on the water.

We have carefully selected the most beautiful and most suitable locations to offer our product. We make it possible to enjoy a holiday in a very unique way. In addition, you can also benefit from this concept as an investor or become the owner of one of our houseboats. A return of 6-8% is possible. Owner of a beautiful value-retaining holiday object with a super return. Where is it still possible?

We are happy to convince you on one of our ships and prove what we say. Have we made you curious send a message to and we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

We wish you a lot of fun to your freedom to go.

Enjoy your stay!