Terms and Conditions Houseboat

Liberty4Go terms and conditions (Valid for reservations made from 1 Jan 2021)

Would you like to book an accommodation via our website? This can be done directly according to the booking system. You can see the availability of the accommodations on the basis of the booking system as well as the prices. It is important to take into account the Liberty 4 Go terms and conditions that are used here. See key points below.

1. Duration of the agreement

1.1. The agreement is concluded for the duration and period as stated in the booking confirmation. After the expiry of the aforementioned period, the agreement ends by operation of law, without notice being required.

2. Deposit and remaining rent payment

2.1. Only after payment of the deposit amounting to 20% of the agreed principal sum is the reservation made by the Hirer final. If the aforementioned
deposit has not been received by Liberty 4 Go within 1 day after reservation, Liberty 4 Go has the right to rent out the relevant accommodation to someone else. The
reservation of the Renter will lapse.

2.2. The remainder, being 80% of the principal sum, is payable by the Lessee no later than 14 days before the arrival date.

2.3. If the reservation is made within 14 days before the agreed arrival date, the Renter owes the entire principal sum at once. The reservation is only final after full payment thereof.

2.4. Liberty 4 Go reserves the right to refuse reservations at any time, without giving reasons to the Renter

3. Deposit

3.1. Together with the remaining payment referred to in Article 2.2, or together with the full payment of the principal sum in accordance with Article 2.3, the Hirer is obliged to pay Liberty 4 Go a deposit of € 300 for the houseboat. Liberty 4 Go will refund this deposit to the Renter within 10 days after the departure date, if all of the following are met:

3.2. The keys to the houseboat have been handed in to Liberty 4 Go in time, in accordance with the provisions of Article 4.2;

3.3. The houseboat and the associated contents are free of damage, except for damage caused by normal use;

3.4. No fines have been imposed due to illegal activities, other rental or services ordered during the stay of the Renter;

3.5. Waste has been deposited in the appropriate containers and all kitchen inventory has been cleaned and tidied up;

3.6. Before departure, all invoices relating to the stay of the Renter at Liberty 4 Go have been paid by the Renter;

3.7. The inventory of the houseboat, including linen, is complete and undamaged;

3.8. There is no question of early arrival by the Renter, nor late check-out by the Renter;

3.9. The Tenant has not been evicted from the holiday home by (a representative of) Liberty 4 Go, nor by the police;

4. Arrival and Departure

4.1. The tenant can check in at Liberty 4 Go on the agreed day of arrival from 3 p.m. When showing the arrival voucher, the Renter receives the key to the houseboat as well as an access code for the barrier. If this key is lost, the Hirer is obliged to bear the costs for replacement, which costs amount to approximately € 50.00.

4.2. On the agreed day of departure, the Hirer must check out no later than 11:00 am. The key must then be returned to Liberty 4 Go.

5. Cancellation Policy

5.1. Cancellation on the part of the Lessee must be made in writing (including: by e-mail).

5.2. In the event of cancellation on the part of the Lessee, the date of the e-mail applies.

5.3. In the event of cancellation on the part of the Hirer, the Hirer owes a fee to the Lessor. This fee is: – Up to 21 days (3 weeks) before arrival day: free of charge; – Up to 14 days (2 weeks) before arrival day: 50% of the principal sum – Cancellation from 7 days before arrival day: 100% of the principal sum.

5.4. If the Renter has not arrived within 24 hours after the agreed arrival date without further notice, this will be regarded by Liberty 4 Go as a cancellation.

5.5. If the Renter departs before the agreed day of departure, the full rental price is and remains due.

5.6. In the event of cancellation, the rental price will be refunded proportionally, after deduction of the administration costs, if Liberty 4 Go is reserved by a third party, on the recommendation of the Hirer and with the written consent of Liberty 4 Go, for the same period or part thereof.

6. Change in booking

6.1. If the Hirer wishes to change the booking, the planning board must allow this. Only after the express written approval of Liberty 4 Go, these changes can be implemented with an administration fee of €35.

6.2. Extension of the length of stay is only possible if the accommodation is available.

7. Substitute Accommodation

7.1. If the accommodation booked by the Renter is not available due to unforeseen circumstances (including, but not limited to, repairs to be carried out) then Liberty 4 Go is at all times entitled to offer the Renter another holiday home.

7.2. If the situation referred to above occurs, Liberty 4 Go will refund the price difference to the Renter, if the holiday home offered is cheaper than the booked holiday home. If the holiday home offered is more expensive than the booked home, the Tenant does not have to pay this difference

8. Photos website

8.1. The photos of the accommodations that are posted on the Liberty 4 Go website or on other websites are only indicative. The Hirer cannot derive any rights from this. Differences in furnishing may occur.

9. Minimum Length of Stay

9.1. The houseboat must be rented by the Renter for at least 1 night.

10. Use of the accommodations

10.1. The tenant is obliged to occupy the accommodation according to normal use and in accordance with the purpose of this agreement (recreation).

10.2. The Tenant is not permitted to use the rented accommodation as his main residence. The Hirer must have a permanent place of residence elsewhere, which is the responsibility of the Hirer.

10.3. The tenant must refrain from any form of nuisance. The port rules apply here. https://www.noordlimburgmaas.be/downloads/havenRegulations_marec.pdf

10.4. The Tenant is not permitted to allow third parties to use the accommodation.

10.5. If repairs are necessary during the stay of the Renter, the Renter will allow Liberty 4 Go to carry out these repairs or have them carried out for the duration of the agreement.

10.6. Liberty 4 Go has the right to enter the rented accommodation for inspection and/or to carry out maintenance work, without the Tenant being entitled to any compensation or refund of the rent in this context.

10.7. Barbecuing is not allowed in/on one of the accommodations. Any damage resulting from this is entirely at the expense and risk of the Hirer.

10.8. The tenant cannot claim any reduction of the rent if there is external nuisance, such as the noise of lawnmowers, children playing or other nuisance caused by third parties.

11. Maximum Occupancy

11.1. The accommodations are only intended for simultaneous occupancy by a maximum of 6 people. Children count as a full person when determining the number of residents. The Tenant is therefore not allowed to occupy the holiday home with more than 6 people.

12. Cleaning, tourist tax, administrative costs

12.1. Included in the extra surcharge of the rental price is the final cleaning (except for any additional cleaning costs as mentioned below in Article 15.2). Daily cleaning is not included in the rental price. The tenant is responsible for keeping the house clean. As such, the refrigerator must be empty, the garbage must be removed from the accommodation and crockery and kitchen utensils must be clean in the appropriate cupboards.

12.2. Liberty 4 Go reserves the right to perform (cleaning) work around the accommodation from 11:00 on the agreed departure day. The tenant must tolerate this.

12.3. Also included in the rental price are tourist tax and administration costs, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

12.4. Also included in the rent are the use of gas, water and electricity, subject to normal domestic use.

13. Towels, bed linen and kitchen package

13.1. The tenant must take care of bringing towels, kitchen towels and bed linen, unless these have been added as an option when booking.

13.2. The Tenant is not allowed to use the beds without using bed linen.

14. Smoking / open fire

14.1. Smoking in the accommodations and/or open fire is absolutely not allowed.

15. Pets

15.1. Pets (small) are only allowed at Liberty 4 Go at an additional rate of € 50 per stay per pet and this has been confirmed in advance.

15.2. The tenant is obliged to strictly ensure that pets in the houseboat do not go on furniture, including beds and sofas. If Liberty 4 Go is of the opinion that pets have entered the furniture, then Liberty 4 Go is entitled to charge the renter for the cleaning costs in full.

15.3. The tenant is obliged to ensure that the pets are vaccinated against diseases, including rabies and heartworm.

15.4. Liberty 4 Go is not liable for any illness or injury resulting from the stay of pets in the accommodation or in the port.

15.5. The tenant is obliged to ensure that dog excrement is cleared up around the houseboat as well as on the domain of Jachthaven de Spaanjerd.

16. Wifi

16.1. Free Wi-Fi connection is available in the accommodations.

16.2. In the event of malfunctions or failure of the Wi-Fi network, the Renter cannot claim any form of compensation or refund of the rent.

17. Rate Changes

17.1. The principal sum of the rental price is agreed on the basis of the rates applicable at that time, which have been determined by Liberty 4 Go.

17.2. If, after the rental price has been determined, due to an increase in charges on the part of Liberty 4 Go, additional costs arise as a result of an increase in charges and/or levies that are directly related to the accommodations, these costs can be passed on to the Tenant.

18. Identity of Renter

18.1. Reservations made under false pretenses, including, but not limited to, providing a false name, entitle Liberty 4 Go to retain all (down) payments already made, while Liberty 4 Go also grants access to can deny the accommodation.

18.2. Liberty 4 Go is at all times entitled to request a copy of the proof of identity from the Renter.

18.3. By agreeing to this agreement, the tenant declares that he is older than 23 years.

19. Parking

19.1. The parking lot in Jachthaven de Spaanjerd offers parking space for one vehicle. Vehicles must be parked in the designated areas.

19.2. Parking on or along the road is not allowed.

20. Insurance

20.1. Liberty 4 Go advises the Renter to take out travel and cancellation insurance. These insurances are not included in the rental price.

20.2. The tenant must take care of adequate insurance for personal belongings.

20.3. The renter is obliged to immediately report damage or theft to Liberty 4 Go.

21. Liability

21.1. Neither Liberty 4 Go nor Owner is responsible for:

• accidents, injuries or illnesses that occur during the stay in or around the accommodation, nor for accidents, injuries or illnesses related to the stay in or around the holiday home;
• loss or theft of personal belongings or valuables of the Hirer that are located in or around the accommodation or on the grounds of Jachthaven de Spaanjerd;
• technical equipment becoming inoperative or out of operation and/or failure or closure of facilities in the accommodation or in Jachthaven de Spaanjerd;
• nuisance caused by third parties;
• the consequences of participation in sports courses and other activities organized at Jachthaven de Spaanjerd;
• services provided by third parties under this agreement;
• consequences of extreme weather influences or other forms of force majeure unless there is gross negligence or intent on the part of Liberty 4 Go;
• recognizable (printing) errors and mistakes that are stated on the Liberty 4 Go website or elsewhere;

21.2. The Hirer remains liable for damage claims arising from nuisance caused by the Hirer himself, as well as for nuisance caused by third parties for which the Hirer is liable.

21.3. Any liability of the Liberty 4 Go is limited to the amount paid out under the applicable liability insurance of Liberty 4 Go.

22. Early Termination by Liberty 4 Go/Eviction

22.1. Liberty 4 Go can terminate the agreement with the Renter with immediate effect:

• If the Hirer or third parties do not or do not properly comply with the obligations under the agreement, the general terms and conditions and the regulations, the associated information and/or government regulations, and to such an extent that, according to standards of reasonableness and fairness, the Liberty 4 Go may be required to continue the agreement;
• If the Hirer, despite any prior warning, causes nuisance for Liberty 4 Go and/or other port residents and/or guests, or spoils the good atmosphere in Jachthaven de Spaanjerd and/or the immediate surroundings;
• If the tenant, despite any prior warning, acts contrary to the destination of the site by using the accommodation;

22.2. After termination, the Tenant must ensure that the accommodation is vacated, taking personal belongings with it, and that the site is vacated as soon as possible, but no later than within 4 hours.

22.3. In the cases referred to in Article 23.1, the tenant is not entitled to a (partial) refund of the rent.

23. Leftover Objects

23.1. After consultation with Liberty 4 Go, the Renter can come and pick up any remaining objects at a location to be indicated by Liberty 4 Go.

24. Questions, Comments, Complaints

24.1. If the Renter has any questions, comments or complaints during the stay, the Renter must immediately pass them on to Liberty 4 Go

25. Deviations

25.1. Any deviation from these general terms and conditions is only valid if agreed in advance in writing and signed by both parties.

26. Salvatory Clause

26.1. The possible invalidity of one of the provisions of this agreement does not affect the validity of the other provisions.

27. Dutch law and election of domicile

27.1. Only Dutch law applies to this rental agreement. Disputes will only be submitted to the competent court of the Limburg district.

The tenant declares that he has read the previous terms and conditions and expressly and without reservation agrees with the content thereof.