General terms and conditions Liberty4Go

Rental Liberty 4 Go Accommodations

(Valid for reservations made from Jan 1, 2021) Would you like to book an accommodation via our website? This can be done directly according to the booking system. You can see the availability of the accommodations on the basis of the booking system as well as the prices. It is important to take into account the Liberty 4 Go terms and conditions that apply here. See key points below.

Invoice and (down-)payment.

After booking you will receive an option/request from us. When this option/request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation form from us, which is also the invoice. The travel sum must be paid in full no later than 14 days before arrival. When booking, a deposit of 15% of the total travel sum is expected. You must ensure timely payment of the remainder, you will not receive a giro collection form for this. After receipt of the full invoice amount, you will receive the travel documents from us no later 5 days before your arrival. If the payments are not made before the specified date, Liberty 4 Go reserves the right to cancel the reservation. In the event of non-payment, all costs, both judicial and extrajudicial costs, will be borne by the person who made the reservation.

Deposit Accommodations

To rent our Liberty 4 Go boats, the company must be in possession of a travel liability insurance. The deposit for the accommodations of Liberty 4 Go is €300 and for the sloop €200. You must hand over the rented accommodations clean and tidy to our employees at the end of your stay. When you have left the accommodation properly, you will receive the deposit back in your bank account within 10 days

Final cleaning

Liberty 4 Go charges a mandatory cleaning fee of €75 per rented houseboat from Liberty 4 Go. With this we ensure that you are received in a professionally cleaned accommodation. Rules for correctly leaving your accommodation:
  • The refrigerator must be empty
  • Garbage must be removed from your accommodation
  • The crockery and kitchen utensils must be kept clean in the appropriate cupboards
Liberty 4 Go is responsible for cleaning the sleeping areas and the living area. You are therefore not obliged to sweep and mop the accommodation.

Cancellation conditions

Reservations can be canceled free of charge up to 21 days before your arrival day. Any refundable amount will be transferred within 10 working days. With our cancellation insurance you pay 5% of the travel sum and limit the following risk;
When the port has to close or Belgium closes its borders due to Covid-19 within 14 days before your arrival hall, you will receive the full travel sum (except the deposit and administration costs) back on your account. You can check the cancellation insurance when booking and this must be transferred to Liberty 4 Go after booking. For cancellations within 21 days before arrival, the following cancellation conditions apply;
For what reason can I cancel?
  • Due to serious illness, serious accident or death of the booking holder, legal partner or one of the direct blood or descendants, sons-in-law or daughters-in-law.
  • Death of a sibling of the reservation holder.
  • Serious material damage to owner’s property that requires your presence.

When and how will the amount be refunded?

The full amount less the deposit and administration costs will be refunded, if the events described on this page occur, within 14 days of arrival. Any refundable amount will be transferred within 10 working days.

What is not covered by this warranty?

  • It does not cover damage resulting from war, strike, nuclear effects, radioactive effects or terrorism.
  • It does not cover damage caused by the reservation holder or other companions registered with the reservation.
  • Any reason that occurred after booking the warranty.
  • No refund is possible of the amount paid if the reason is a chronic illness.
  • No refund is possible as the reason for the reimbursement of the amount of the illness due to depression that does not lead to hospitalization of more than 3 days.
  • It does not cover the cancellation of the reservation for damage caused by meteorological causes.
  • Does not cover Pandemic or virus outbreak, however if the government no longer allows it you may cancel, and receive your payment back minus the 15% depositHow can you request the cancellation of the reservation?
You must send an email with the reason, the reservation number to


  • Liberty 4 Go cannot accept any liability for theft, loss, injury or damage caused to or by users of the accommodation offered by the travel organization.
  • Liberty 4 Go is not liable for the consequences of natural disasters, such as fires, extreme flooding and damage caused by weather influences.
  • Liberty 4 Go is not liable for disputes with other travel companies, tour operators, campsites and other intermediaries.

    Unavailability of accommodations

    In the unlikely event that the reserved accommodation cannot be offered, Liberty 4 Go will offer a comparable or better alternative (to be judged by Liberty 4 Go).


Pets are allowed under certain conditions, please contact the reservation office.

Additional information

Unfortunately, we cannot accept reservations for young people (< 23 yrs.) without being accompanied by persons responsible for them. Inventories may differ from the inventories as shown in the photos on our website. Assumptions based on photos shown on our website will not be honored.

Change options

It is possible to change reservations, if the planning board allows this. Changing a date costs €35 per change.