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The ultimate holiday concept on the water. 6-8% return on investing in a houseboat

Investing in a houseboat

A houseboat is a luxury sailing holiday home for private use, but they can also be rented out particularly well. When you invest in a houseboat, Liberty 4 Go offers the total rental picture. This includes both a port and a rental permit. With over 20 years of experience in the rental of holiday homes, holiday homes and mobile homes in the Netherlands and Spain, we are convinced that this new way of celebrating holiday will experience an unprecedented increase in the coming years.

Port for a houseboat?

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We also see that many marinas believe in the concept. Liberty 4 Go is open to providing your boat with a beautiful place in the harbor. Jachthaven de Spaanjerd has entered into an agreement with us for the placement of various houseboats and has also given Liberty 4 Go the rights to rent out the houseboats. The offer of harbor places is limited. Would you like to place your own houseboat in our harbor before 2023 and also use our rental facilities. Then read on and fill in the form at the bottom of the page for more information.

Financial numbers

Based on various calculations, in which we calculate carefully, an annual yield of € 40,000 should be feasible. When we deduct the costs for berth, insurance, rental and marketing, a possible return of about 6-8% remains. These figures are based on our many years of demonstrable experience in the recreation industry. In addition, we have a customer base of more than 20,000 email addresses and a Facebook page with 40,000 followers of tenants consisting of families with children, people over 65, and young couples. We are convinced that the above returns must be realistically achievable. Rich calculations are not part of our vision, but we see that a higher return of 6-8% should certainly be feasible.

Why Liberty4Go?

1. Rental

Liberty 4 Go has the permits to professionally rent out your houseboat

2. Cleaning-service

At Liberty 4 Go you will be fully equipped. Like cleaning your boat

3. Marketing Machine

With years of experience in the field of social media, Liberty 4 Go is certainly no longer a small player

4. Yield

Rich calculations are not part of our vision, but a feasible return of 6-8% is


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Wir freuen uns mit Liberty 4Go einen vertrauensvollen und kompetenten Partner gefunden zu haben. Die Zusammenarbeit ist sehr angenehm und Antworten auf alle Fragen lassen nie lange auf sich warten. Durch die Kooperation mit Schiffsmakler Goliath hat man auch hier einen starken und renommierten Partner an seiner Seite. Wir fühlen uns hier sehr gut aufgehoben.

R. Wobker