Liberty 4 Go Mini Boat

The Liberty 4 Go Mini Boat is a stout, small rubber boat. Ideal for children, one day erop uit of as a boat. The rubber boat, combined with the art of water, ensures that the water features of the area are protected. The Liberty 4 Go Mini Boat is available in a large number of ways. With the 15 PK Honda outboard, let’s take a look at the rustic areas in the natural environment, which are rustic and relaxed, as soon as you make it on the water. The stoere rubber stootrand make aanmeren zeer eenvoudig. Walk along all edges well and carefully on the board. The Mini Boat is makkelijker turnbaar in voorzien van twee bankjes waarop u rustig kunt Zitten tijden het varen. Also, he is fully opslagruimte beschikbaar. – Met of zonder vaarbewijs te besturen

Prices and availability

Impression from the Liberty 4 Go Mini Boat

Renting Mini Boat

The Liberty 4 Go Mini Boat can optionally be rented from the houseboat for 35 euros per day. For the rental of the Liberty 4 Go Mini Boat, a deductible of 300 euros applies in the event of damage. Life jackets are available.

Boat license

The Liberty 4 Go Mini Boat can be rented without a license. The engine is limited so that it is also possible to sail without a license. To make use of more power, you can look at our Liberty 4 Go Sloop.