Sailing with the Liberty 4 Go?

Boating and Packages

We at Liberty 4 Go have experienced skippers available who are happy to sail around the Maasplassen with you, even if you do not have a boat license. The Liberty 4 Go 400 is 12 meters long and 4 meters wide and because the boat is on floats, the boat is very sensitive to wind and current. That is why it is unfortunately not possible to sail alone. In order to still enjoy sailing, we offer a number of options and arrangements with an experienced skipper. See all options below.


Sailing course

Our skipper sails for 3 hours on the Maasplassen and through nature. You may steer the boat under his supervision. You learn to control the ship, maneuver and the rules and laws on the water. Have you ever wanted to drive a houseboat? This is your chance to experience it. On request.
You are not allowed to sail above wind force 3. If you are unable to sail due to the weather conditions, you will receive a voucher from us that you can submit on another day. – 3 hours with a skipper costs 65 euros p.p. (min. 4 people) – 3 hours with a skipper costs 75 euros p.p. (min. 3 people) – 3 hours with a skipper costs 100 euros per person (min. 2 people) – Excluding fuel (indication 50 euros) Opportunities: – Before noon (10:00 – 13:00) – Afternoon (14:00 – 17:00) – Evening (18:00 – 21:00)

Day out 5 to 8 people

At Liberty 4 Go you don’t have to spend the night alone at one of our accommodations. From now on you can also stay for a day on our houseboat and enjoy, among other things, the roof terrace. Nothing will be missing for you to make this a great day. Leave all your wishes and it will be arranged.
– Arrival on the boat possible from 11:00 a.m. – Departure from the port no later than 9 p.m. Opportunities: 65 euros p.p. based on 5 persons. Surcharge extra person 55 euros. Maximum 8 people.

For companies or families/friends

Staff party, with your group of friends or a family day. You say it! Up to 8 people is no problem. Enjoy a day with your friends or colleagues. A glass of wine/beer and relax on the day of our Liberty 4 Go Houseboat. Make your wishes known.
The skipper is at your disposal for 4 hours. You decide when you want to leave, please make this known in advance. – Arrival on the boat possible from 11:00 am – Departure to be determined – Return to the port at the latest 19:00 – Afternoon lunch provided yourself / moor your choice with the boat at a restaurant (we can take care of the reservation) – Provide food and drink yourself – Excluding fuel (indication 75 euros) Opportunities: 65 euros p.p. based on 5 persons. Surcharge extra person 55 euros. Maximum 8 people.

Fuels and surcharges

You will receive the houseboat with a full tank of fuel. The prices for sailing the houseboat do not include fuel. Upon return, Liberty 4 Go will refuel the boat and settle the amount with the deposit. You use about 4 to 5 liters of petrol per hour of sailing.

Wind power/safety

It is only allowed to sail with a houseboat up to and including wind force 3. In the overview “wind forecast” you can see which wind force forecast there will be. If you have booked the option with your reservation, and the wind force is higher than 3, you will receive a voucher so that you can use the voucher for another day.

Wind forecast